Best Strategies for Accurate Betting Predictions

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone knew everything under the sun? Imagine how wonderful it would be to bet on a match knowing exactly what the outcome will be. Well, great as it may, humans are not built like that.

We have to take in loads of information, let our brains process it and make educated guesses about the best course of action to take. Sports betting predictions are no different.

Wagering on a particular match is usually based on some knowledge of which team has the upper hand to give you the best chances of extending your bankroll and maximizing your profits to win big on your bets.

This guide explores everything you need to know about cricket, IPL, and football betting advice to give you more bang for your buck in your bets.

Top Tips for Making the Best Cricket Betting Prediction

Cricket betting tips are derived using several different techniques proven to accurately forecast the outcome of a match event. Here are some of the top ones that experts use.

Reading the Pitch Conditions

Batting on a brand new pitch means that there’s nothing impeding movement for the seam bowlers and the spinners. Teams that get to bat first based on the outcome of the coin toss have a distinct advantage over their opponents.

Additionally, there are other pointers that a tipster and bettor can use to read the conditions of a pitch and determine which of the two teams have a playing advantage. This allows them to make a pretty accurate prediction on how a particular game might pan-out based on who goes first after the coin toss.

Here are a few:



Research on the Match-Day Conditions

Cricket is the one sport in the world that’s greatly affected by the existing weather conditions on a particular day. Accurate cricket predictions can be made by researching what the weather will be like on the day of the event itself.

If there’s a rain forecast, there’s a good chance that the match will end up in a draw since less cricket will be played. Cloudy overcast weather, on the other hand, works in favor of the swing and seam bowlers making it several times harder for batsmen to play at optimum levels in such conditions.

Team and Player Form

If a team is in poor form perhaps due to the injury or suspension of their star player, or even due to fatigue, and they end up losing their first match as a result, it becomes quite difficult for the team to catch up.

Getting back in the running for the top spot at the end of the league is often an impossible feat. Free betting predictions on future matches can be based on this fact.

How to Make an Accurate IPL Betting Prediction

The Indian Premier League or IPL for short is a Twenty20 cricket tournament that is contested in India in March/April or May. It features eight teams from eight cities in the subcontinent of India.

2021 IPL betting predictions are based on analytics like:

Best Strategies for Football Betting Predictions

Knowledge is power. This cannot be any more apparent than it is in soccer betting. You need the knowledge of an expert tipster whose sole purpose is to do the research and analysis for you so that you have the best chance at reaping some great returns on your bet.

So what do football betting predictions entail?

Analytics Without the Odds

This involves analyzing a particular match with no prior knowledge of the odds or other variants that may be in play. Most players who bet on a football match-winner, base their decision on the odds set by the online bookmaker.

Try and establish your odds instead, and compare them to that of the bookie. If they’re not hugely different, then go ahead and wager on it. If they are then you should reconsider.

Current Football Calendar

All solid football betting predictions have to take into consideration the team calendar of the clubs going head-to-head in a championship event. A team with too many match events before a particular match may not be in the best condition to win against a team that has only had one or two prior events there. This is a major factor to consider when trying to determine the match outcome.

Tactical Match-Ups

You need to have inside knowledge of the game plan for each team. This involves researching on which footballers will be benched based on any existing suspensions or injuries. It also involves looking at any extraneous situations that may affect the team’s performance on the matchday itself.

This includes things like the star player of the team taking the red-eye to make it to the game venue; or if they just came from playing in a national team match. In both scenarios, they would be too fatigued to play at an optimum level.

This can be a problem if they are the high scoring players of the team. An accurate online betting prediction can be made based on this information.

Once you have a solid set of predictions for the upcoming matches, here’s a list of bookmakers who offer the best betting odds:

If you don’t have inside knowledge on what might influence the results of a particular match, betting predictions make this process easier. Do your research and compare this to what top tipsters are saying. Then use this information to place a bet in your preferred markets and reap the rewards once it’s all over.