Best Cricket Betting Tips From Professional Punters

Cricket is a thrilling and action-packed game. Given just how popular it is in the subcontinent of India, it rates as the second most preferred sporting activity worldwide right behind football. As a result, the majority of the cricket online betting websites have it as a long-term component in their menu of sporting activities games all-year-round.

To bet successfully on cricket and raise your chances of making a good amount of cash from it, you require to have strong money management skills, technique as well as the capacity to determine the value in a bet before you bet on a provided game. It also aids to have a solid informant in your back pocket to give you beneficial insight right into the feasible result of a match.

This cricket bet suggestions assist details all the specialist cricket betting approaches for 2023 you require, to place winning wagers whenever.

Play Bet and Win

Before you place a bet on a cricket game you need to differentiate between an international league and the domestic tournaments. Cricket tournaments such as the IPL exist in three main game formats that you can bet on as set out by the International Cricket Council (ICC). They are as follows:

Test Cricket

Historically, this is the oldest format of the game that exists. It is typically played over 5 days with either of the participating teams having the potential to win or finish the game in a draw.

One Day Internationals – ODI

This format gained popularity in the 1970s and completely revolutionized how the game was played previously. As the name suggests, a game is played in a single day with each team having 50 overs.

Twenty20 Cricket – T20

The Twenty20 format gained popularity in the 2000s. In T20 cricket a game is played in the course of one afternoon or a single evening. Each team has 20 overs. 

Best Cricket Betting Tips in 2023

Based on the different game formats, betting on each one takes a different approach if you want to maximize your chances of success. Here are some of the best tips for each format to increase your chances of success.

IPL Cricket Betting Tips for Test Matches

Not all countries enjoy test match status. There are currently only 10 nations that have it with India being one of them. Keep in mind that the event is played in five days and a lot can happen during this time.

Here are some of the factors that could affect the outcome of a team’s performance and subsequently the outcome of a today match bet.

It provides the perfect opportunity for the underdog in the tournament to turn things around. A bettor is in a unique position to track the progress and performance of each team participating and make more accurate predictions on the match outcome.

Betting Tips for One Day Internationals

One notable difference in the playing conditions in the ODI format, when compared to Test cricket, has to do with the mandatory fielding restrictions. These are placed on a captain and their respective side. The restrictions imposed typically depend on the stage that the match is on.

For instance, a captain may only be allowed to station two fielders out of the possible nine outside the 30-yard circle specifically during overs 1 to 10. Other constraints are applied for over 11 to 40 and 41 to 50 as well.

These restrictions can be an equalizer of sorts since they may give the perceived underdog in the match an upper hand or cripple the kingpin of the tournament if some of the stronger players end up stationed outside the 30-yard circle. So you need to keep this in mind before you place a bet.

Best Tips Cricket for T20

This game format also has fielding restrictions placed on the captains of each side. In the first six overs, only two fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle and a batsman can hit boundaries. In the remaining14 overs, however, five players are allowed to patrol beyond the 30-yard circle.

When betting on T20 or ODI cricket, the shorter boundaries mean more runs and a high scoring rate which requires players to possess and display a different set of skills and stamina. This isn’t necessarily the case for Test matches.

As a result, the performance of a test match fielder may vary dramatically to that of an ODI or a T20 fielder. So, put this into consideration when betting on a match in these two categories.

Free Betting Tips for the Top 5 Cricket Markets

There are several ways to bet on cricket. The best cricket bookmakers have a host of different markets that give players the unique opportunity to get the best value on their bets.

The free online betting tips you’ll come across give you the following top betting markets that you can profit from.

1. Big score and Series Winner

Limited overs cricket matches like ODI and T20 only offer two possible outcomes that a bettor can wager on – that either side can win. Test matches, however, have a third option – that the match could end in a draw. Draws in test matches, however, are becoming less common due to the ever-increasing run rates.

2. Leading Runscorer and Wicket Taker

This gives you the chance to bet on the leading runscorers and wicket-takers in every inning or match. Once a trend begins to emerge, these types of bets can be hugely beneficial for punters.

3. Highest Opening Partnership

If you do your homework and determine how certain batsmen perform against specific bowlers, it’s a great opportunity to cash in on some pretty decent returns. Experts at cricket betting can accurately predict a batsman’s performance in the majority of the games. 

4. Leading Runscorer and Wicket Taker

This market allows you to bet on certain players who are likely to put in a match-winning performance in a particular championship. It is quite popular in many other sports and cricket is no different. 

5. Number of Boundaries

Punters can bet on the total number of fours or sixes scored depending on the match boundaries. You also need to consider the existing conditions and whether they make it easy or difficult to hit the respective boundaries. Matches played at high altitudes tend to fly further through the air than those played at lower altitudes.

Top Cricket Betting Sites

The best online bookmaker for cricket is undoubtedly the one that offers the best odds. Some of the ones that are worth checking out include:

Keep track of your winnings from each website or sports betting app to exploit any edge one site gives you over the other. Use the top bet tips cricket has to offer as detailed in this guide, to make your wager profitable in the long term.