Sports Betting Odds

Betting Odds

When choosing a bookmaker’s office, players pay attention to various factors that affect the rating and authority of the bookmaker, among the key ones is the odds value. One of the first concepts that players come across in a bookmaker’s office is the odds. In other words, this is the bookie calculation data by which each betting line is evaluated. It’s enough just to understand what the opponents’ chances of winning are. You can also independently calculate the coefficient for different events. After all, if the bet is successful, then the final win will depend on it.

Best betting odds in India

The odds in online sports betting show the probability of a particular outcome of an event from the bookmaker’s point of view. If the game is predictable, the odds for the favorite will be low, and accordingly, the winnings will be small. The lower the probability of an event, the higher the proposed coefficient will be, but the risk is accordingly very high.

If we talk about the best betting odds in India, then they are presented by legal bookmakers. In terms of odds, this sector includes bookmakers that try to keep the margin level within the acceptable range. Representatives of this segment do not reward players with a competitive advantage in the form of high odds, but they also do not go beyond reasonable limits, cutting off a piece of the client’s pie. The margin indicator in such organizations ranges from 0 to 3%, depending on the expected volume of bets on the events.

What is odds in the betting

Bookmakers can use decimal format, the American format, or fractions to record odds. In each of these formats, the odds look different from the others, but their value remains unchanged. Any odds express the probability of an event occurring. The fact that there are many different odds formats confirms that they are only a means to an end, that is, place a bet. We can say that bookmakers trade “risk as measured by probability.” Betting is based on assessing the odds or probabilities of an event, and bookmakers such as Parimatch use odds because of their usefulness in expressing implied probabilities in a more customer-friendly and understandable way. Using the implied probability when placing bets will also help in comparing the odds offered by different bookmakers. But if you think odds are key elements of the betting process, then you don’t see the big picture. To truly expand your understanding of odds, live odds, and betting, you must also be able to calculate odds. A correct understanding of how to independently calculate the odds and compare the result with the odds offered by the bookmaker will help you in making informed decisions when it comes to choosing online betting sites, the right offer, time and size to place your bet.

How to read betting odds

It is generally accepted that to be successful in a bet on sports, it is enough to have a very good knowledge of sports. Of course, knowledge of the kind of sport on which the bets are made is very important, and one can even say fundamental, but you cannot use only pure analytics. When a player enters the bookmaker’s office and opens the desired match, he sees many outcomes, each of which has its odds. Few people think about why bookmakers set one or another coefficient, and why they are constantly changing. 

The coefficient is an indicator that is inversely proportional to probability. If the bookmaker gives a coefficient of 2.00 for a certain outcome, then, according to analysts, its probability is 50%. To translate it into a probability, it is enough to divide only 100% by the value of the coefficient. Therefore, the quote at 5.00 tells us that the probability is 20%. It’s very difficult to compete with bookmakers. They are better informed, and they also add a margin to the odds. For at least these two reasons, they have an edge over the players’ team. But this is not a sentence, you can win, as the practice of many experienced bettors shows. So, the margin is a certain percentage of the probability that bookmakers put into the odds. If in the cricket match the odds of the players to win are equal, that is, 50% to 50%, the odds should be 2.00 and 2.00. But this is not profitable for the bookmaker. Let’s imagine that the first team has a stake of 1000 dollars and the second is also 1000 dollars.

The first team wins and the bookmaker pays the winning players out of the money that was wagered on the second team (in this case, they pay in Indian rupees). At the same time, the company itself remains with zero. Bookmakers, on the other hand, took care of their profits in advance and came up with a margin, if you like, a percentage for their services. And instead of 2.00 / 2.00, they put up for the match somewhere around 1.95 / 1.95. If translated into probability, it turns out to be 51.28% and 51.28%. The sum is 102.56%, while the cumulative probability should be 100%. That is, the “extra” 2.56% is the margin. Thus, if we make a comparison, instead of betting at odds of 2.00, the player bets at 1.95. Since the chances are 50% to 50%, then in one hundred conditional matches of equal opponents, each will have 50 wins. If you bet one dollar each time to win, the player will win $ 47.5 and lose $ 50. More bets – more losses. From this, it follows that you shouldn’t make prematch bets. One should bet on outcomes in-play, the probability of which is higher than the probability reflected by the coefficient. In other words, you need to bet on values – outcomes underestimated by the bookmaker. This strategy is called Value Betting and is used by most successful players.

Cricket betting odds

Cricket is the most popular game in India. It is in this sport that you can find a variety in the championship. IPL is also the most popular event for bettors in India. To place cricket bets, you will need to choose a bookmaker with optimal betting opportunities. Want to pick the best option right away? Use the bookmaker Parimatch. On the website of this bookmaker, you can make a variety of cricket bets, study statistics, forecasts, and news. At the same time, Parimatch provides very favorable odds for bets. In terms of choosing bets, one should also consider the option with pre-match bets and live bets. If we are talking about test cricket (multi-day games between national teams), then, as you understand, there is no significant difference between these types of rates. Cricket is characterized by a certain slowness, and therefore during the match, you can easily observe, analyze, and bet. The odds are usually quite low in cricket betting, but it all depends on the bookmaker you choose. The best choice in 2023 is the bookmaker Parimatch.

Football betting odds

To place bets on football, choose a bookmaker. It’s safer to bet with legal bookmakers. You can usually find low odds on football matches from legal bookmakers. To choose a good bookmaker, you should rely on the following eight characteristics:

The first time you can play with 3-4 bookmakers, and then choose one main bookmaker.

Betting odds calculator

The bookmaker betting odds calculator allows performing complex calculations in a few seconds, which significantly saves time when working with compound bet types. In other words, this is such a betting odds converter that allows you to count, find out, calculate indicators, and odds for betting and predictions on sports and games in bookmakers. This calculator works online and offline, you can find it on the official Parimatch website. You can use this calculator at any time of the day or night. Based on the information you enter, data will be calculated that will help you play and win at bookmakers.


And in conclusion, it is important to say the most important thing – the odds of bookmakers for the same sporting event differ. And at the same time, it is impossible to answer which bookmaker has the highest odds, since everything depends on the type of sport, tournament, and match. Therefore, if you want to win more, register with several bookmakers to be able to choose a more favorable odds for each match.