Top Football Betting Tips for Pros

Having the right soccer betting tips at your fingertips can be a great way to generate some extra cash on the side. But, you need to find a tipster who genuinely knows everything about the game to give you the best betting advice. This is guaranteed to not only soften the crashing blow of losses but also help you cash-in a generous ROI.

This football bets tips guide takes an in-depth look at some of the best football match betting tips that any avid bettor needs to master to maximize their earning potential.

Play Bet and Win

Playing, betting, and winning in a sports-betting website or mobile app is not difficult to do – provided that you know and understand how to apply a few basic strategies that can make you money in the long run. The keyword here is “long-run”. This isn’t a one-show-pony get-rich-quickly endeavor.

It’s about small wins stretched out over a long period. So the more you get to know about the ins and outs of soccer online betting, the better your ROI will be long term.

Don’t limit your bookie portfolio either. If you do, it limits your ability to take advantage of the best odds each one has to offer. It is the secret to consistent long term success.

Best Football Betting Tips in 2023

If you want your money to work for you in 2021, there are some fundamental strategies you need to employ every time you place a bet on football games online. Here are the best tips for soccer betting you should apply every time:

1. Bet on the Leagues That You Know

The first step to becoming a football wagering expert is to develop a genuine interest and understanding of the game itself. This means betting on leagues that you know. If you don’t have a clue about how soccer works, make a point of learning first and then get to know the inner workings of a particular championship.

As you get comfortable, you can advance to multiple ones. You’ll find that most of the football experts you’ll come across, or any tipster who knows all about a particular league usually has a deep understanding of at most two championships. You too can join this elite club.

2. Bet on the Markets You’re Familiar With

Football is one of those sports games on betting sites that have dozens of markets to choose from. As your knowledge of the game and its variables continues to grow, you’ll find yourself drawn to particular markets more than others.

For instance, some focus exclusively on Asian Handicaps while others don’t bet on anything except 1×2 markets. Use your intuition, understand how specific markets work, weigh your odds in terms of your likelihood to win and start playing!

3. Bet When There Is Value

This is perhaps one of the most underrated and often ignored football betting strategies there is. Only place a bet once you’ve established that you’re getting genuine value. If you ignore this simple fact, then be prepared to lose money – and a lot of – it in the long run.

You’re now likely wondering: What is value betting anyway? A football value bet means placing a wager based on the probability of a match outcome that appears to be much higher than what the bookmaker odds suggest.

4. Keep a Spreadsheet of All Your Bets

Let’s face it. If you’re serious about wanting to make a decent amount of money from online sports betting, you need to accord it the seriousness it deserves. Treat it just like you would a business – by keeping accurate records of your investment and your ROI.

Then use this information to map out a clear strategy of what it takes to reduce the impact of potential losses, analyze why you won and lost on particular bets and identify a trend that you can use for future soccer predictions.

An example of some of the information you need to draw up includes:

This will paint a clear picture of the leagues that you’re making money on and those that you’re not. That way, you know which markets you can focus on based on those that are consistently profitable.

5. Take Advantage of Market Biases That May Exist

Soccer bets have two distinct market biases. There are the home favorites who are usually short-priced. Then there are the high scoring goal totals. In other words, the underdogs in a match offer bettors greater value than the home favorites.

Not because the home favorites are any more likely to win than the underdogs. It’s simply because the majority of people place huge amounts in bets on the short-priced home favorites.

This, in turn, inflates the betting markets which in turn increases the odds for the underdogs. That’s why there’s such great value in betting on them and provides the unique opportunity to exploit these market biases.

Free Betting Tips to Make Accurate Bet Predictions

If there’s one phrase that’s constantly thrown around in the football world it’s, “They’re in great form…” So what does this mean anyway and why does it matter?

Well, in as much as a particular team’s form is important, what should concern you more as a bettor is how this form will impact their potential in an upcoming match and bet accordingly.

Here are the best free online betting tips you can use to assess this:

Existing Injuries and Suspensions

If a team is missing their star player, this will no doubt affect their performance in the field. The real question is, is their replacement an upgrade or a downgrade?

Fixture Commitments

If you’re betting on a particular club, do they have other football fixtures in the calendar like the EPL or Euro 2023? If so, is it possible that they may prioritize some events more than they do the others? How do they intend to alternate the line up to meet these demands?

Home vs. Away Performance

On average, many sports teams tend to perform better in home games than in away football matches. You need to assess a team’s potential for success based on their historical performance when playing in certain environments. If they’ve had a big score in the past, chances are this trend will continue.

Tactical Match-Ups

To come up with accurate predictions on a team’s performance, you need to be familiar with the techniques of the individual players in the club as well as the game plan they’re likely to implement. This gives you an idea of how well their opponents match up to their strategy.

Top Football Betting Sites

Now that you have the football free tips at your fingertips, which bookmakers offer the best odds? Some of the top sports betting sites that offer a wide range of football betting markets include:

Always pick the bookmaker that offers the best betting odds to maximize your winning potential. The listed sites accept players from all over the world including those in India. So if you’re looking for a website to bet on your favorite domestic and international football leagues, they’re a one-stop-shop for nonstop football betting action.