The Cricket Betting Prediction Handbook

Cricket is an exhilarating action-packed game that appreciates a massive adhering to in the UK, Australia, and also the subcontinent of India. Any kind of bettor who bets on a cricket event does it for the enjoyment value it brings and also as an enjoyable method to earn some extra money while at it.

While there’s nothing naturally wrong with banking on your preferred team as a program of support, if you’re seeking to make money you require to use a different strategy. It’s not a lot about backing the group you wish to win but a lot more so the team you recognize will win. The only way to do this is by making an exact cricket betting forecast.

This article checks out the fundamentals of cricket betting to assist you make accurate forecasts whenever.

Cricket Betting Predictions for Today

The first step in transitioning from recreational betting to expert wagering involves resisting the urge to make speculative wagers. You need to focus more on fact-backed bets. Keep in mind that cricket is one of the most difficult sports to handicap so you need to develop an airtight cricket betting prediction strategy that works at every turn.

Here are two basic cricket betting predictions tips that will come in handy.

Zone in on Specific Cricket Markets

Tempting as it may be to bet on different markets on a whim, you need to target specific ones to limit the scope of your wagers. A great place to start would be to zone in on domestic markets.

For instance, if you are a bettor in India, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has 10 teams that you can follow. Each team is made up of a minimum of 16 players who would typically participate in at least 14 championship games every season.

This is quite a manageable number for any serious bettor who wants to elevate their IPL betting prediction skills to a professional level.

Compare the Odds Offered by Different Bookmakers

No sports betting prediction would be complete without taking the necessary steps required to maximize your profit-earning potential. This involves searching the internet for the best bookmaker offering the best odds in your cricket betting market of choice.

Aside from doing an odds comparison, you also need to scrutinize the additional perks that come with a particular bookie like odds guarantees, potential rebates, bonus cash, or any free bets that may also be included in their promotions.

Keep in mind as well that teams that are perceived to be stronger typically generate low odds across the board. But, the specific odds values in each cricket betting site can vary significantly.

IPL Betting Prediction

The IPL is no doubt the biggest club cricket competition in the world. It is essentially a round-robin competition with 60 matches played in a single season, culminating in a knock-out stage before the grand finale.

In 2021, the tournament expects to see more English talent with star players like Eoin Morgan joining Tom Banton and the rest of the team at Kolkata Knight Riders. Punters can also expect to see Jos Buttler, Ben Stokes, and South Africa’s AB de Villiers all playing at the Rajasthan Royals.

Below is the top IPL betting tips prediction for the various categories, to keep you a step ahead of the rest.

When betting on the outright winner, it’s always a good idea to split the portion of your bankroll that you intend to wager among two or three likely winners. That way, with the high odds offered for each of them, you’re assured of a healthy profit regardless of which of the three teams emerges victorious.

Best Cricket Betting Predictions

To make the best cricket betting predictions, you need to study up on and stay up-to-date with the team’s history and statistics. This information is readily available online.

Here’s what you need to be on the lookout for:

You’ll also need to examine the head-to-head data available. This results in more accurate betting predictions since you’re better able to analyze how certain players perform to determine which ones are poised to be the top runscorers and bowlers.

Be on the lookout for certain playing conditions that may favor one side over the other. For instance, pitches that break up in the course of the matches may suit certain bowlers.

The pre-match and in-play weather conditions may also affect the performance of certain players. Clear skies, for example, favor batsmen allowing them to score more runs. On the other hand, overcast conditions favor hand bowlers.

A great place to get valuable betting insight is from a top-rated cricket tipster website or app. You’ll find them to be not only entertaining but highly informative as well.

Some of the top free prediction websites you can check out to help you make accurate forecasts include:

Some Final Thoughts

Cricket betting prediction involves a lot more than simply identifying the winner of a particular match. It also helps you identify the best markets that give you the best value.

Use the cricket betting predictions tips detailed in this guide to predicting the outcome of the next IPL tournament. Good luck!