Live Sports Betting Sites

An Expert Guide to Live Sports Betting Sites in India

The internet is an amazing piece of ingenuity if you think about it. Who could have predicted a few short decades ago, that a time would come where people could bet on a sports game in real-time? That’s exactly what live sports betting sites bring to the table.

They provide a unique opportunity for punters to bet in-play on a sporting event as it’s happening. Betting exchanges like Betfair were among the first to offer live betting, in-play betting or simply “live” as it is popularly referred to as.

Today, however, every reputable bookmaker integrates in-play betting among their site features. If you’re a player in India, you can also get in on the action. Several live sports betting sites cater exclusively to punters in the region.

This guide takes a deep dive into everything you need to know about live sports betting sites in India.

Live Streaming Feature

In-play wagering goes hand-in-hand with live streaming. After all, how would you be able to bet on a live match if you didn’t know how the game was progressing?

There’s no denying that researching on the teams going head-to-head, staying up-to-date with the latest match statistics, and keeping up with what has been happening off the field, is an important part of making near-accurate bet prediction.

However, nothing beats being able to watch the game live, at least for a bit before deciding on who to bet on. The live streaming feature offered by most bookies is an excellent way to keep up with the match and modify your bets accordingly.

While not all events are streamed live on the website, you can expect the popular sports to be. Some of these include football, cricket, the IPL, basketball, baseball, the rugby league, and many others.

In-Play Odds

You’re now likely wondering how in-play odds are set. Well, they are usually derived from the pre-match odds, in conjunction with a host of other variables. These include things like the time remaining in the match, the current score, any red cards that may have been issued, and lots more.

The odds are then modified to reflect the prevailing conditions of the match at any particular time. That’s why you’ll find the live betting odds fluctuating every few minutes to reflect the current status of the match.

Say, for instance, that Manchester United FC was playing against Arsenal with odds of 2.40 to win the match. They then go on to take a single-goal lead with 15 minutes left on the clock.

As you would expect, the initial odds would be slashed drastically since the team’s potential to win is now very likely. If you would rather not wait until the match conclusion, most bookmakers offer a cash out option if it looks like your bet might lose.

Best Live Betting Promotions

Many bookies offer a variety of bonuses and promotions aimed at not only attracting new members to their site but also to encourage existing members to bet on their favorite in-play sports event.

Some of the top promotions in 2021 you’ll come across include:

New Customer Offer or Welcome Bonus

This is a cash bonus given to new customers joining a sports betting site. A top-rated sportsbook would match the first deposit by a certain amount. Customers can use it to bet on any championship event including live sports.

No Deposit Bonus

Some sportsbooks offer no deposit bonuses typically as part of the new customer offer. This is often in the form of free bets that punters can use to wager on any of the available in-play markets to get a feel for the bookie before they decide to join.

Cash Bonus

Unlike deposit bonuses that offer customers a percentage of their initial deposit, cash bonuses are based on a fixed amount. This can be used to wager on live markets.

Free Bets

Bookmakers offer free bets to both new and existing customers from time to time to wager on pre-match or in-play markets, without the risk of losing their own money. They are sometimes given for free without any deposit requirement. If they win the bets, punters can collect on their profit once they meet the stipulated wagering requirements.

Mobile Betting Apps for Live Sports

For a bettor who wants to enjoy the same thrill and experience, they get from in-play wagering but crave convenience instead, some apps exist for just this purpose. You get to enjoy the same sports betting opportunities without being anchored to your desktop PC.

A betting app allows you to stream live sports, get real-time updates of the match as it progresses, and update your bet slip by wagering on in-play markets. Some bookies also offer exclusive mobile bonuses that are only available through the app.

Some of the popular apps that support live in-play wagering include:

These apps are typically compatible with Android version 4.1 or later and iOS 8.1 or later, although some may require later versions of the operating systems.

Top In-Play Betting Tips

If you want to dabble in a bit of in-play wagering, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before you jump in head-first.

Here are a few betting tips you can use:

Game Insight

If you’re just starting, you might find in-play wagering to be a bit out of your depth. But, if you have a lot of insight into a particular sport, the experience can be richly rewarding. You’ll need to garner a bit of know-how before it becomes profitable in the long run.

Start-Out With Small Stakes

Experts recommend that you start with small bets. Even if you have a tremendous amount of wagering experience, in-play is a little different and requires a person to have a higher standard of discipline.

It’s not at all like pre-match betting since an individual is a lot more likely to get caught up in the thrill of the game and end up overreacting and you know the rule… Never bet based on your emotions. Do it on facts.

Study the Markets

Before you get into in-play betting, make a point of studying the markets without first placing any bets. This will give you a better understanding of how it works in addition to how the odds in different markets react on the field of play.

For instance, if one of the teams going head-to-head suddenly takes a lead with 3-1 goals midway through a match, this has a direct effect on the 1×2 money lines. The odds for the leading team may reduce substantially.

Some Final Thoughts

Live sports betting is like a crystal ball. It allows you to get a firsthand view of how a game is going. That way you can decide which team to back, to maximize your chances of winning a bet. Once you get the hang of it, there’s no better way to wager on your favorite sport.