When visiting a bookmaker it is possible to come across a wide variety of sports. However, there is a particular discipline that has been gaining a lot of momentum during recent months, especially considering the COVID-19 pandemic that affected a lot of disciplines. We are talking about virtual sports. There are many franchises that offer virtual sports of their own. However, one of the most famous ones is the Simulated Reality League, also known as SRL. Let’s discuss a few aspects about it, and understand why it has been so exciting for sports fans and casual followers from India and the rest of the world.

What is the Simulated Reality League and how does it work

First of all, there is a key distinction that must be made. Sometimes it happens that people confuse eSports with virtual sports. However, these are not the same by any means. eSports is the discipline where video games are played. Those videogames can cover a lot of genres, including sports, fight, war, and many others.

Virtual sports, the discipline where Simulated Reality League works, is a totally different realm. In order to answer the question about what is Simulated Reality League, let’s look at its name in the first place. As the name of the franchise implies, this is basically a simulated reality competition. Matches of lots of disciplines are simulated in an extremely realistic manner. This means that it is possible not only to watch and enjoy them in the same way as it would be done with real sports. All the other aspects that surround real sports can also be enjoyed from this discipline. This of course includes the possibility to place all sorts of sports betting, and of course to have the chance to win in them.

At this point, probably some people might still be thinking that a simulated reality competition is as simple as running a sports video game. However, this is not the case, because the SRL not only simulates the matches themselves, it also simulates all the context that surrounds them, including things such as player morale, injuries, transfers, and more. In very simple terms, virtual sports such as the ones that the Simulated Reality League is capable of providing, are some sort of parallel reality, where there are sports leagues, matches and athletes of its own.

Some people might wonder about the disciplines that are covered by the Simulated Reality League. Since its beginnings, the people who run it have been committed to offering as many of them as possible. It started with football at first. However, due to its overwhelming success, it quickly expanded into other disciplines that fascinate people from all over the world. Cricket is one of the sports also featured in the SRL, and it has been gaining a lot of traction from real-life cricket fans and casual followers.

The SRL uses complex algorithms for getting the results for each match. For simulating it, not only what is happening within the match is taken into account. Also historical data and past results are fundamental for calculating the final result of a contest.

Another aspect is that the algorithm behind the Simulated Reality League simulates matches in their entirety. This means that, for example, football matches in the SRL are 90 minutes long and not shorter as they would be in most video games.

Besides the matches themselves, there are full tables, fixtures and statistics, in the same way as how a real league or competition might progress. How a table looks like in terms of the positions of the different teams might look quite realistic. In other words, the teams whose real-life counterparts are theoretically the most powerful will rank in the top part of the table. On the other hand, the SRL counterparts of those teams that are weaker will most likely rank closer to the bottom of the table. This is where another important aspect of the Simulated Reality League comes into play, because it is possible to take into account information in real life in order to make educated guesses in the wagers that are placed.

At this point, probably a lot of people might be skeptical about the algorithm that runs the SRL. Some might think that this is rigged. However, this is absolutely not the case, in fact, virtual sports instances such as the Simulated Reality League and others use algorithms based mostly on random number generators, also known as RNGs. While the statistics and all the math that runs behind the show can be quite complex and is not really the focus of this article, it is still useful to say that skill and talent, but also randomness and luck, are the factors that determine the final results of a match and competition, in a similar way on how they work in real life.

How to bet on matches that belong to the Simulated Reality League

The process of making SRL betting is exactly the same as it would be done for their real-life counterparts. There are lots of sportsbooks that feature matches from the Simulated Reality League in India and throughout the rest of the world, and in general, the process to gamble looks something like this:

As it can be seen, the process of gambling on the Simulated Reality League is exactly the same as betting on the real-life counterparts of the featured sports. That’s why it is such an easy process, and also that’s why for millions of sports fans across the entire world it has started to become a real option to consider.

Another important factor that has huge implications in the wagers that are placed within the Simulated Reality League and in their possible outcomes are the odds. The odds work in the exact same way as how it would be for real sports. These coefficients basically indicate how many times the initial bet amount might be won by the punter. But that’s not all, because also as it happens in real-life disciplines, high odds are for more risky bets, and therefore, the prizes that might be won are higher. On the other hand, wagers with low odds are safer bets, and therefore, the possible rewards that might be claimed are smaller.

Live gambling is another aspect where it is possible to take full advantage of the Simulated Reality League. In real life sports, it is possible to follow the matches as they are already taking place, and based on what punters observe, they can make and adjust live bets. This is extremely useful for punters, as this aspect has significantly increased the amount of bets and outcomes that can be placed and taken advantage of. Exactly the same thing can be said about the SRL. All bookmakers that feature events from this franchise offer instances to watch these matches as they are taking place, and based upon this information, it is possible to place live wagers based on the performances observed in the virtual sports fields. The 2023 version of the Simulated Reality League has done a fantastic job in offering better betting opportunities, and more entertainment overall.

Getting Simulated Reality League predictions is another extremely important aspect that all of those who want to follow and bet on the SRL should know how to follow. However, in this regard it is possible to say that punters in this discipline have more information than those who want to bet in real-life sports. This is because it is possible to create predictions and make educated guesses before wagering on the SRL based on two main sources of information. First of all, it is possible to take a look at what happens on the SRL itself and all the circumstances that surround it.

But, on the other hand, since the Simulated Reality League is based upon what is happening in real life sports, it is also possible to take betting predictions from real-life disciplines and apply them to the SRL bets that are made. These two sources of information might help punters to receive even more data that could convince them to make a specific bet.

How to find the latest scores from the Simulated Reality League

Over the Internet there are lots of portals that follow the SRL in the exact same way as they do for their real-life counterparts. By finding and visiting these portals all across the Internet it is possible to enjoy the Simulated Reality League in the exact same way as it would be done with real-life sports. Of course, this means that getting a specific Simulated Reality League score is absolutely possible.

For example, those who want to know how certain matches went, and whether the wagers that they made on them proved to be successful can visit the comprehensive list of past scores featured by the aforementioned portals. But of course, bookmakers themselves also tend to have their own sections devoted to show past results and other important aspects to take into account for different wagers that might be placed in the future.

Also, these platforms and bookmakers that cover the SRL also have sections with extra statistics that might be useful for deciding how to place wagers next. In general, the most important aspect of any past match is its final score. However, there are several secondary aspects that, while not as determining as, for example, the number of runs in cricket or the number of goals in a football match, can still explain why a match ended in the way it did.

This is exactly what can be said about cricket, for example. There are the fastest fifties, most sixes, and a plethora of other parameters that, while not as important as the final score, can still be helpful to look at in order to place future wagers. That’s why those who want to place bets in matches that take place in the Simulated Reality League not only must look at the final scores. It is also fundamental to take a look at all these details that, when combined, can easily explain why a specific contest turned out in the way it did.

Live scores and live streamings are another aspect about SRL matches that are also possible to follow, and are essential for those wishing to place live betting actions. In general, those same portals who display past scores of the Simulated Reality League also tend to cover its matches in a live manner.

Having spoken about past matches and live scores, it is also possible to talk about what will happen in the future. For this reason, there are fixtures of the SRL that indicate when future contests are going to take place. Which teams are going to face each other and how many days are between matches will also affect the performance of the contenders. That’s why people should take into account the possible fatigue and resting times that players are going to have in order to attempt to guess their possible performances. The presence of the Simulated Reality League table can also give a good overview on how each team is doing and what can be expected from them.

Conclusions about the fascinating possibilities offered by the Simulated Reality League

There are many things to say about the SRL, its multiple competitions and matches, and of course the endless betting options that are available should be enough encouragement for anybody to start exploring this fascinating realm.

However, even discounting the gambling aspect that comes with the Simulated Reality League, there are many other factors that deserve to be highlighted. First of all, we should mention the fact that it can be enjoyed in exactly the same way as any other sport would be. Not only are the matches themselves, but also all the other circumstances that make real-life sports as exciting as they are. That’s why it can be stated that there is much more to enjoy and follow than just a Simulated League result, as many of its followers can already attest.

Going back to the wagering aspects of the Simulated Reality League, as it was described here, it works in the exact same manner as other sports would do. There are bookmakers specialized in the matter, as well as sources of information that can be used for enjoying this fantastic franchise. Just as a closing remark, the fact that a group of people manage to replicate real-life tournaments with such a level of realism is an achievement in itself.

Frequently Asked Questions concerning the Simulated Reality League

As it tends to happen with realms so widespread and popular as the Simulated Reality League, it is natural that many questions about its inner workings might emerge. Let’s review a few of these doubts in order to get a better picture about the competition.

What leagues and competitions are covered by the Simulated Reality League?

When it began, the SRL only had football matches. It started with the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga and the Spanish La Liga. However, now it has expanded to include other competitions, some examples are the Turkish and Greek respective Super Leagues, the Russian Premier League and many others.

But of course, football is not the only sport covered in the Simulated Reality League. Now the franchise has expanded to also include certain matches, and yes, for the delight of fans from India, the IPL is also covered.

What kinds of bets are available in the Simulated Reality League?

In broad terms, there are two main kinds of wagers available for all of those who decide to give the SRL a try. They include pre-match and Simulated Reality League live bets. However, each one of those kinds can be further expanded upon through different types of specific bets. There are more than 80 to choose from. However, among the most popular of them it is possible to enjoy handicap, correct score, goals of the home team, whether both teams will score, and many others.

What is the best website for enjoying and betting on the Simulated Reality League?

There is no unique answer to this question. There are many portals that have been doing a fantastic job covering the Simulated Reality League. Parimatch is probably the best example that most people would agree upon. However, there are tons of other portals that are doing a fantastic job not only in providing betting opportunities, but also in allowing followers to know what is happening with their favorite virtual athletes and teams.