What matters the most to you when choosing the best betting site? Is it the free bet bonuses and cash back promotions they offer? Is it the number of features? Or perhaps it’s the safety and security specs that exist to help you feel secure when transacting on the site. Maybe it’s a combination of them all.

But, there’s one crucial element that’s arguably the most important: Is the site customized for you? As much as it may have all the features that make it an outstanding bookie by every definition of the word, the real question is – Is it tailored to suit your individual betting needs?

If you’re a player in India, you need to go with a legal bookmaker that features all the latest IPL 2021 cricket fixtures, domestic football leagues like the Indian Super League and Hero I-League, and all other events that are unique to your country. You’ll only find them in a betting site that has been customized to do just that.

Without further ado, here are four new Indian betting sites 2023 that are worth checking out.